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My Soul Community

Your soul knows what you want, but more importantly … it knows what you need

Are you ready to begin

your journey of discovery & transformation?

You’re not just human. You’re a magnificent soul with amazing qualities combined with one-of-a-kind gifts, talents and abilities.

More and more people from all walks of life are sensing a shift deep within themselves. This shift (a feeling of knowing there’s something missing) I believe, is their soul calling and reaching out to them. Our soul is part of us and wants to partner with us in this lifetime, but many people don’t know where to begin, or have the belief that they have to do it alone.

No one has to do this on their own.  My Soul Community is a membership and a community, which I created to help you learn how to tap into the powerful wisdom and guidance of your soul, so you can begin to live a soul-led and soul-filled life.

Your soul knows what you want and more importantly … what you need. It comes with its own unique blueprint and plans to get you there and I’d be honored to be your guide.

How can My Soul Community

help you at this time?

My Soul Community offers a safe environment where people can come together to be supported and guided. You will learn specific spiritual practices and exercises to assist you in connecting with your soul – the real you!

You’ll learn how to ask the right questions, and how to openly listen to the whispers of your soul, and when you take those soul inspired actions, there are no limits to where your soul can lead you in this lifetime. Above all, I wanted to create a place where you’ll never feel on your own, but one in which you’ll look forward to coming back time after time!

Once you see the results of listening to your soul’s guidance and the positive changes that will manifest in your life, you will find My Soul Community continually will offer amazing guidance and support, and you’ll come back to the portal, every day, every week and you’ll look forward to every month with new content added, the special guest interviews, group readings, LIVE lessons and coaching calls and much more!

Everything in the membership was designed so you can go at your own pace & can be easily accessed on any computer, phone, or tablet.

Learning the spiritual practices of living from your soul and discovering your true-self is a journey – and not meant to be a final destination. A journey that that takes patience, desire, dedication and the willingness to commit. John believes: it’s the only the journey that matters.

The benefits of joining My Soul Community

Unlimited Access to John's "Soul Series" Program

12 Video Lessons, dedicated to the extraordinary power & abilities of the Soul. You will have unlimited access to watch these Lessons as often as you wish

12 Interactive LIVE Lessons & Coaching Sessions

with John – one each month throughout the year on Thursday Evenings at 7pm ET. This is an opportunity to ask John your questions and interact with other members

Special Guests Interviews & More

John will be inviting NEW special guests to join him throughout the year for enlightening chats, & inspiration. You will also have access to ALL the past guest interviews!

Bonus Group Readings

exclusively for the members of My Soul Community, where John will be LIVE doing Intuitive, Mediumship and Soul Readings for those on the call. These special evenings are not recorded out of respect for those who receive a message

Special Meditations

created and recorded by John for various practices to help raise your awareness as well as find a place for deep relaxation. New meditations are added throughout the membership

A Personal Weekly Email

from John full of inspiration, support, and encouragement to keep you on track, packed with valuable tools as well as practical, topical and relevant exercises

A Private Facebook Group

just for the members to share experiences and forge new friendships in a totally safe and supportive private environment. This is a special place, one where you can express your ideas too!

A Resource Center

packed with my most popular past webinars, which will be continually updated, meditation tracks, with new content being continually added throughout your membership

Ask John!

John welcomes questions based on the teachings, and always wants to give guidance and support. He'll try and answer as many as he can on the Live Calls, and is always open to suggestions of themes you might have for future discussions

John’s Monthly Coaching Calls

Every month, John will host a new LIVE interactive Lesson & and an opportunity to give guidance and support as he coaches the members. He’ll share his experience and knowledge of working in partnership with the soul as well as answering questions from members.

John wants this to be a group experience, so you’ll be able to interact, share insights and ideas with the other members in this safe and nurturing environment. These LIVE lesson & coaching calls will not only be educational, but they’ll be moving, lively, and fun! Each LIVE lesson call will also be archived to access any time you wish.

Please note, that these LIVE Calls will generally be held on a Thursday Evening at 7pm ET and last up to 90 mins. Members are notified with schedules of all the calls. They will be recorded, so you can watch them any time.

Start your Soul Journey & JOIN today

So, the question is …

  • Do you have a longing for what your true purpose in life is?
  • Are you wondering what to do next? Feeling that something is missing?
  • Or, do you want to finally create a fulfilling soul-led life that’s even better than you can imagine?

Remember: Your soul is like a magnet, it will continually draw to it what it needs … the people, the lessons, the opportunities, which will all help you thrive and evolve.

Doors are closing soon! 

Included in your membership is an extensive Resource Center “The Vault” …. with guided meditations, all John’s favorite past webinars, Spiritual Reflections journal, video blogs, interviews with top authors & speakers, as well as full access to the entire “Soul Series” Program– total value over $750



The full-access monthly membership subscription is offered at $24 USD

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One Year

The annual full-access membership is discounted from $288 to just $240 USD

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I appreciate the whole community so much!

Not only did it help me immensely during the (continuing) pandemic, but I enjoy and need the ongoing multi-faceted teachings John provides for a community that accepts and honors nuanced spiritual differences within a larger, holistic framework. That is very rare, I believe, and I’m so grateful that John started this group.   Anne Marie

Imagine a life, where you ...

use the power of your soul to learn how to change your conscious thoughts

… and manifest the outcome you truly desire, enabling you to see life through a totally different perspective.

are given the tools to live your life with grace and confidence

… so you can follow your own spiritual path, without all the roadblocks and embrace the person you’re meant to be.

stop worrying about “stuff” from the past that has held you back

… so you can start living in the powerful present … and feel calmer and more secure about the future.

Start your Soul Journey & JOIN today

Your soul is like a

magnet & will continue to draw to it what it needs: the people, the lessons, the opportunities, all to help you to thrive and evolve.

John Holland

Here’s a Recap 0f Everything You Get

All Access Pass to entire library of content & resources 
12 LIVE Monthly Online Workshops where I coach you on my specific spiritual practices for living a Soul-led life$750 value
Unlimited FREE Access to the “Soul Series” Program – 12 Video Lessons$595 value
6 BONUS Group Reading Events$600 value
6 NEW Special Guest Interviews$450 value
Access to the Resource Center “The Vault” with meditations, favorite past webinars, Spiritual Reflections journal, video blogs, interviews with top authors & teachers, and so much more being added throughout the yearPriceless!
Special discounts on some of John’s LIVE & Online eventsPriceless!
The dramatic transformation that happens when you deeply connect with you soulPriceless!
  – Weekly “Soul Boosters” emails from John with inspiration, support & guidance 
  – Private FaceBook Page to share insights, make friends in a safe environment 

I’ve gone through tremendous personal growth & life changes!

I’m happy that I joined My Soul Community. It’s been perfect “divine” timing to assist me in the continued journey of my life and soul exploration.    Karen

I want to help, guide & support you!

I’m Psychic Medium, spiritual teacher and author for over 20 years and founder of I’m honored to be your mentor for My Soul Community, which has already helped change the lives of countless people all over the world since we launched in October 2020.

For 2021, we’ve added more content and great resources while continually improving the ease of use of the portal for members.

Becoming a member, you’ll join other like-minded souls from all over the world who share your way of thinking and aspire to lead a soul-led life. Together, we can help each other. I will be there with you every step of the way to guide you and provide you with all the tools to start or continue your own personal journey of transformation and discovery.  As a group and as individuals, we will . . .

  • Continue your soul’s journey
  • Tap deeper into your soul’s power
  • Welcome new opportunities as a result of increased soul awareness

I love introducing people to the amazing abilities of the soul and how it longs to help you in becoming your authentic self, and assist you every day of your life.

Soul Series

As a member, you will have unlimited access to John’s “Soul Series” Program – 12 Video Lessons, to watch at your leisure as often as you want


Understanding the Amazing Power of the Soul – Communicating directly with your soul-self. Discovering your true purpose and more…


Acknowledging the Source – The 4 specific ways that your soul reaches out to you. Learning to strengthen the partnership between you and your soul.


Believe in the Impossible! Breaking Free. Turning the Past into a Bridge for the Future. Learn to cut the energetic cords that hold you back from moving forward.


Unfoldment of Your Soul Senses – using your natural ability to connect with your intuitive psychic abilities.


Are you too Sensitive? Learning to live as an Empath. Dealing with the energy of certain people, places or situations in your life.


Learning to Connect with Your Loved Ones on the Other-Side. Understanding the mechanics and unfoldment of your mediumship potential.


Power of Love – The Relationships of the Soul. Understand why certain people are in your life. Understand how relationships can be our greatest teachers.


The Healer Within. We are all made of energy. Learn how the Divine Source individually works through us and how to help yourself as well as others.


Into the Stillness – Meditation & The Power of the Breath. Learning to quiet your mind-chatter and enter a place of quiet tranquility to follow your intuition and your soul’s guidance.


Reincarnation – The Soul Eternal. Do you believe in reincarnation or past lives? Learn how they could possibly affect and influence your current career, health, relationships, family, and life lessons.


Contacting Your Spirit Guides. Learn how to connect and tune into your guides for yourself so you can use their wisdom and guidance in all areas of your life.


Soul Shine – Stepping into your Power. How to make sure you’re continually acknowledging, honoring, and living a powerful soul enriched life.

This link to the outside world has been a saving grace

My Soul Community is a link to the outside world and saving grace for me. It’s something to look forward to and keeps my mind and spirit active, especially during this pandemic.  I’m learning so much!  Thank you for these gifts.   Mary Rose


The purpose of your soul and open yourself to a guiding higher consciousness

Break Free

From past conditioning & energetic cords that have prevented you from moving forward


With like minded souls, where you’ll be able to forge new connections and have access to a wealth of combined knowledge


Your body, mind, & spirit to live a life of appreciation, balance and harmony

We all need support, community and guidance – especially right now! By becoming a member you’ll find a ‘soul community’ that honors, respects, and supports and celebrates you in every possible way!

Once you register, you will have access to the membership portal with easily accessible monthly content and an extensive Resource Center “The Vault”. It’s easy to use on any computer, mobile phone or tablet, which will allow you to work through the program at your own pace.

Allow me to guide you step-by-step so you too can realize that there’s a power in each of us that is just waiting to be recognized and unleashed!

Included in your registration is an extensive Resource Center “The Vault” …. with meditations, access to many of my previous online webinars, and digital downloads, as well as the entire “Soul Series” from the first year – total value over $750



The full-access monthly membership subscription is offered at $24 USD

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2 months free


One Year

The annual full-access membership is discounted from $288 to just $240 USD

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Frequently asked questions

What is

My Soul Community is an amazing journey of connection, discovery, enlightenment, and of personal growth to discover the power of YOUR soul. It’s an amazing online membership and community that offers a safe environment where people can come together to be supported and guided by John, as well as a community of like-minded souls. You will learn specific and proven spiritual practices and exercises that will assist you in living a soul-led & soul filled life.

What do I get from John each month?

MySoulCommunity provides:

  • 12 months of LIVE teaching, guidance, and support from John.
  • After every lesson you’ll also be able to participate in a LIVE online interactive coaching session with John – where you’ll be able to ask questions, and share insights and ideas with the other members of MySoulCommunity.
  • Every month, you’ll receive a four weekly dedicated ‘Soul Booster’ emails from John full of inspiration, support and encouragement, with further exercises and suggestions to continue the learning from the month’s lesson.
  • John will also combine alternating months with very special guests who are top in the field of: ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’ and special Group Intuitive, Mediumship & Soul Readings for members only.
  • Access to the Resource Center “The Vault” with new meditations, new webinars, and much more being added throughout the year.
  • Private FaceBook Page to share insights, make friends in a safe & secure environment.

How do I know if is for me?

If you’ve ever felt overcome with feelings of being constrained, lost, or unfulfilled, or sensed a shift within yourself that led you to ask: “What is my purpose?” or “Where am I going with my life?” or better yet… “How do I get there?” then by joining MySoulCommunity, John will teach you how to get those divine answers by tapping into one of the most powerful forces in the Universe — your soul! If you feel that practicing your spiritual growth on your own, is limiting your progress and you feel as though you’re constantly starting over, instead of continuing the journey, then MySoulCommunity will provide a structured approach each month, with guidance and help – as though you have your own spiritual support team. More importantly, it’s a community of like-minded souls where you can share your thoughts, aspirations, and ideas and make friends.

How is delivered?

As soon as you’ve enrolled, you can log in. You’ll be able to access the content on a monthly basis, with the lesson and the LIVE coaching call, as well as receiving 4 e-mails each month with recommended exercises and meditations to practice before moving onto the next month. As you move through the program, all the previous months are stored and you can go back and watch or listen to anything again and again. Plus you can join our private Facebook group to find spiritual like-minded souls, ask more questions to John, share your thoughts and ideas and have fun! This community will support you on your spiritual path.

Can I access on my mobile device or tablet?

Yes! All content can be viewed via your mobile device. (iPad, iPhone, smartphones, etc) or your tablet. Also, rest assured that your personal information is 100% secured, and will NEVER be shared!

How much of my time will it require each month?

That’s up to you! This program was designed so that you can go at your own pace. You can listen to the lessons, participate or watch the LIVE coaching calls (which will be archived), practice the exercises, participate on the special guest calls, or watch when you have time (also archived) and take part in some of the LIVE Group Readings throughout the year. (These will not be recorded due to the personal nature of the readings – to participate you must be present on Group Reading Live Calls.) Also, you can connect in the private Facebook group whenever you want, as often as you want. No matter how busy you are, you will find that when you commit to your practice, you’ll find that time flies!

What kind of results will members achieve?

Working with the monthly lessons John has prepared, following his suggestions and exercise in your weekly email, and interacting with him on the LIVE calls, people will discover how to use the power of the soul to help them in all areas of their life. It’s amazing to watch people doing the work as they develop their spiritual abilities, begin to follow a spiritual practice, and by discovering and utilizing their soul gifts, can literally change one’s life is a positive way. If you’re willing to put in the time, work with John, make the commitment to yourself and your soul, the possibilities are endless!

What if I have a question for John?

John loves to hear from you. The best way: once you’ve joined, will be to interact with him on the dedicated Facebook Community for MySoulCommunity, or you will be able to send in questions for the LIVE calls as he will be interacting with community members. Even the LIVE calls will be a learning experience, and YES, fun also!

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

If you select the special discounted annual plan and decide My Soul Community isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase to receive a full refund. Upon cancellation, you’ll no longer have access to My Soul Community or the private Facebook group. If you opt for the monthly subscription plan, you can cancel at any time during the program, and your membership will not be renewed, and you will not be charged further. Upon cancellation, you’ll no longer have access to My Soul Community or the private Facebook group.