ARE YOU WALKING YOUR TALK? - John Holland's My Soul Community



Most people are really sincere and have good intentions when walking their spiritual path. Some claim they believe in the power of the Soul and feel they’re connected to a higher power. They’ve even done the research, read the right books, know all the right words, say the perfect affirmations, and can quote axioms on spirituality verbatim. But when you spend time with them and observe their actions, you notice that they really don’t act like someone who truly believes that they’re connected to the power of the soul, or that their every word or thought matters, not do they follow the belief of: ‘What you put out you attract.’ In other words: They’re not walking their talk.

In this podcast I discussed:

  • What being spiritual actually means
  • How to turn a belief into a knowing
  • A quick exercise to assist you in an area where you are not getting results
  • How to quickly stop yourself and change your thoughts or actions